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FCF LOGOFirst Charter Financial Corporation is a leading independent mortgage company conducting business on a nation wide basis. We specialize in arranging financing for commercial propertied throughout the United States. The projects that we handle include office, retail, multifamily, hospitality and specialty properties. We arrange loans in amounts ranging from a minimum of one million dollars to as large as 100 million dollars. We maintain relationships with large and small insurance companies; retirement and investment funds, regional, national and multinational banks and we are very active with capital markets funding sources.

As an independent commercial mortgage and real estate financing and consulting firm, First Charter Financial is dedicated to arranging the best financing for our clients. We are independent and we represent only the best interests of our client, the real estate investor, developer and owner. Our company is privately owned. There is no real estate brokerage company, bank of other financial institution who has any financial interest in us. Nor can they influence the advice and counsel that we give to our clients. This is very important to owners and buyers of real property. We direct financing to a particular source only because, in the market at that time, our opinion is that it best fits the needs of our client. Our independence is your key to confidence in us. We arrange financing for both the acquisition and the refinancing of your properties.

Our program is to initially consult with the client and discuss in depth his needs from both the short and long term perspective. We cover the different kinds of financing that are available and the advantages and disadvantages of each financing alternative. In concert with the client we determine a direction that best fits the needs expressed by our client. Contact FCF with your commercial mortgage needs. 480 970 0990. Email

Victor WeintraubVictor Weintraub is the President of First Charter Financial and has been in the mortgage business for over forty years. A noted economist and author, Victor Weintraub is also an entrepreneur. He is President of First Charter Financial Corporation. He writes an economic and financing news letter for First Charter that is widely distributed to clients and news media and services.

He is also the Publisher of First Capitol Books, an independent publisher of E books and print books distributed throughout the English-speaking world. He writes on economic and political topics and is the author of the Robert Hazard spy thriller series.

Victor Weintraub holds a Bachelor's Degree in engineering from New York University. He received his MBA from Columbia University Graduate School of Business.

An advocate for progressive political and social programs, he is the author of Occupy We The People Decision Time For America. This book deals with the social and economic history of the United States from the 1930s to today. It discusses economic problems facing the country and makes suggestions for change. Victor Weintraub is available for media interviews and discussions and speaking engagements. He may be reached by Email

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